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I was born into this, literally.. my mother was a  seamstress and and an MUA for Fashion Fair Makeup back in the 80's.  I grew up wearing a lot of her fashions, and she often times emerged me in her world of fashion.  As intimidating as this world was to me at 8, it was a dream, a fascination of some sort.

I enjoy the arts, and I enjoy the freedom of what the arts bring to life.. the liberation of being and owning who you are is a beautiful thing.  Its something everyone should feel


Personal Wardrobe Consultant

As a personal stylist my goal is to use my professional skills and advise my clients on the latest fashion trends, discuss body type and what cuts are most flattering, and ultimately bring to life to their fashion choices and to enhance their natural confidence from within to be truly comfortably with their style & taste in fashion.           

Fashion Stylist

I'm available to be on set and assist with the creative development and vision

Fashion. Confidence. Style. 

Wardrobe & Fashion Stylist

Personal Shopper